A belated present for Oma's 80th! I'd hoped to have it finished for her birthday in July, but it was a bit much for my brain to cope with to knit lace and prepare to move house. I hope she likes it. :)

The pattern is my own Amy's Scarf, and the yarn is Vintage Purls Lace in 'Birthday Suit' (i.e. undyed). This is the second scarf I've made using this pattern, and I really noticed the difference in how much more comfortable I've gotten with knitting lace since making my own 'Amy's Scarf' in 2010. I was able to memorise the lace pattern much more quickly, and I'm now much better at 'reading' my knitting so mistakes are easier to avoid/notice/repair.

The lace pattern is variously known as 'Spanish Lace' (in my old Mon Tricot stitch dictionary), 'Frost Flowers' (in Barbara Walker's stitch dictionary), and 'Shooting Star'. It's very Victorian, and very beautiful.

Dad lends a helping hand

After knitting all of this creamy lace, I started noticing all the other white-and-frothy things around the place, and went a bit mad with the camera... ;)

White forget-me-nots (click to enlarge)


A pretty ground-cover in a pot

Plum blossoms, now with leaves!

Pieris flowers

Jasmine on the fence

Lichen on the silver birches

My afternoon coffee

And a cushion knitted by Mum. :)