Bra shopping success!

It's been a while since I wrote about my search for a properly-fitting bra. I got sidetracked by other things, and then I failed to check Brava's opening hours and ended up pouting outside a closed shop (note to self: don't assume specialist shops are open on Sundays). But today we gathered our gumption and headed back to their Collins St shop.

I asked for a fitting, and the assistant asked what I was looking for and what size I've been wearing. I explained that I wanted a plain, everyday, more-or-less-skin-coloured bra, and that I've been wearing 16D (because it was the best I'd found), but that I thought I needed more like a 14F. She agreed that that would be a good size to start trying, and so the changing-room saga began...

I found it much less frustrating than my past bra-shopping experiences: they had my size in all of their styles, and the assistant fetched things for me to try as we narrowed down what I needed - no rummaging through the racks myself, getting discouraged. Her timing was spot-on, so I wasn't left waiting for the next option, or feeling rushed either. I ended up with three good 'maybes' that we agreed fit me well, all beige and lace-free and 14F. I settled on the most comfortable of the three, plus a basic sports bra in black. The beige one will be ideal for being unobtrusive under tshirts etc, and the sports bra will be fine when I'm wearing more layers. If sports bras had a smoother shape they'd be perfect, but alas, protruding seams are apparently the price you pay for proper scaffolding!

The only slightly frustrating part of the process was that there were plenty of pretty, lacy, colourful, feminine bras in the shop (which are just not 'me'), but not many plain, basic styles. Even the plainest still had small bows on them. 

"No lace. No lace, Mrs. Bennet, I beg you!" (P&P 1995, Ep.1)

But I am now the happy owner of two comfortable bras in the correct size, which is two more than I've ever had in my life. About time too!