This week in absurdity

I knit a bunch of strawberries, green caps and all, and attached them to a teacosy in the shape of a pavlova. Why? Because this year the Royal Melbourne Show is holding a 'Great Tea Cosy Swap', and some Yarn Corner crafters are getting involved. I figured the sillier the better!

My strawberries (which took a surprisingly long time)

The finished cosy!

For the body of the teacosy, I used a pattern for a beehive teacosy, which I've used before. My beehive one has a little bee on top, naturally. 

I am sorely tempted to keep this one for myself, so I may end up making another for the swap... ;)

In other news, we're moving again! Just across town this time, to a suburb called Brunswick. It'll be a change from the CBD, and we're looking forward to having cheap fruit and veg shops and bakeries nearby. I'm also excited about being able to grow a few herbs and flowers again - our current apartment doesn't have so much as a sunny windowsill, but our new place has a deck and a balcony that should be great for potplants. We'll also have air-conditioning this summer, which will be a huge deal for me (heat is not my friend).

The big move is in mid-August, but we're running around madly organising it now because... we're both going overseas for a few weeks first! Willie will be off on a dream trip to New York City, and I'll be heading back to New Zealand to visit my family in Whakatane.

We bought some very necessary suitcases yesterday, a medium-sized one for Willie and a little carry-on case for me. I yarn-bombed them forthwith.