Baa baa brown sheep

On Sunday we went for a drive to Tauranga to nose around the shops and go out for lunch. On the way we spied these cute brown sheep...

Photos courtesy of Dad the camera-wielding sheep-botherer :)

On car trips I always try to spot birds other than our usual town ones, and animals other than cows, sheep, or horses. This time we spied a few lambs, and some calves running about (awww). As for birds, I saw kingfishers, oystercatchers, plovers, hawks, and whole paddockfuls of pukekos.

My purchase of the day was a little pot of 'Porcelaine' ceramic paint from Spotlight. I'd read about using ceramic paint/pens to decorate second-hand cups and things on tiny happy, and I've been keen to have a go myself. I got black paint, which will be good for abstract patterns and outline drawings. Since I'll need to set up a whole new kitchen once we move apartments, this will be a timely project!