The end of the arrow

My Follow Your Arrow shawl is finished, and looking very fancy indeed. :)

It's nice and big, which I appreciate in a shawl because I like having a lot of fabric to drape around my neck...

I followed Ysolda's how-to video for the bind-off, as it was a new method for me. It was nice and easy, and stretchy enough for something that needs to be blocked out. I'll probably use it again on my next lacy shawl.
I'm enjoying Ysolda's new 'Technique Thursday' posts on her blog - I've learned a few new tricks including these amazingly simple little tips.

So here it is, a Follow Your Arrow shawl with options 1B, 2A, 3B, 4B, and 5A, in Vintage Purls Sock yarn. My coin-flips resulted in a very pretty flow of lace patterns. Lucky me!