How to work mini-cables without a cable needle

Simple mini-cables, like those featured in my Beeswax Hat, Cowl, and Mitts, are easy to work without using a cable needle. If you're a cable lover, this is a brilliant trick to be familiar with - especially if you have a tendency to leave your notions bag in another room!

My favourite method is the 'slip and switch' method, which mirrors the movements of k2tog and ssk decreases. The difference is that after rearranging the stitches, you work them individually instead of decreasing them together.

Beeswax Cowl.jpg

The method:

Right-leaning mini-cable (C2R):

  • slip 2 stitches together knitwise,
  • slip them back to LH needle purlwise,
  • knit each stitch through the back loop.

Left-leaning mini-cable (C2L):

  • slip 2 stitches knitwise, one by one,
  • insert LH needle from right to left,
  • slip them together back to LH needle,
  • knit each stitch.

Here it is in video form, so you can see exactly how the stitches move (I'm knitting the first cable round of a Beeswax Hat):

You can find the patterns for my Beeswax Set of hat, cowl, and mitts here, or over on Ravelry.