New pattern: Mithrandir

Just in time to go and see The Hobbit, I've finished my very own Gandalf-inspired scarf! Gandalf the Grey (alias Mithrandir) has been my favourite literary wizard since childhood - I even had a poster of him on my wall, in addition to my Middle Earth map. Gandalf is described in The Hobbit as wearing a silver scarf, and so I created my own version of a wizardly scarf: lightweight yet practical, with an interesting textured pattern, and a rune tucked secretly in a corner.

The meandering stitch pattern represents a journey through winding roads and rivers, and tangled forests. Instead of using cables to create the texture, I used a non-lacy lace technique: simple decreases, plus yarn-overs which are twisted shut on the wrong-side rows. Sections of plain ribbing give the knitter (and the eye) a rest along the way.

My old map in the background. :)

Gandalf's rune, hiding in the bottom corner.

The scarf is lovely and long (two metres), and because it's knit from laceweight yarn, it's very light and airy. I used a skein of Vintage Purls Lace in the colourway 'Dragica' - a semi-solid mid-grey.

 The pattern, Mithrandir, is now available on Ravelry.

Excavation: Part II

More finds from the land of packing...
  • A handwritten uni essay draft! It appears to be from my big honours-year Research Essay, on music and science in 17thC England. Also, an actual floppy disc!
  • An alpaca scarf composed of forty crocheted flowers, which I made last year after performing in Tallis' 40-part motet Spem in alium. It was a Really Big Deal for me, and I wanted to commemorate it somehow. Being a bit of a weirdo, I chose crochet. :p
  • Costumes from various events I've attended and/or organised over the years. Highlights are my attempt at a 14thC outfit for the Feast of Fools, my Blackadder-esque creation for The Queen's Revels (and Willie's outfit!), and my Mrs Bennett costume for Yvonne's Time Travellers' Ball. We have a such kick-ass dress-up box.

Singing some Hildegard, with psaltery (Feast of Fools, 2009)
Dancing the Tedesca (Feast of Fools, 2009)
Two 'gentlemen' dancing (The Queen's Revels, 2009)
Galliards are fun!

The Doctor and Mrs Bennett (Time Travellers' Ball, 2010)